Tuesday, November 16, 2010


For some reason, we went to see this movie. It would've been tolerable had the actors been more good looking. Rich guys having a party in an apparently "cool" house. Hero not excited about his girl being pregnant.  Followed by a lot of havoc by strange creatures with an attractive blue light.US Air Force couldn't do zilch about the strange creatures. After his brain is acquired by one of these strange creatures Hero protects his child. That was the story.
I am no judge for special effects. They might have been good, but I take them for granted if you're trying to make an alien movie. Oh yes and the most irritating bit of the movie was when one of the actors says, "What are these things" (referring to the strange creautres that wreck havoc) and a smart ass replies "Does it even matter?", this is why this movie doesn't qualify as science fiction.