Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Great Gatsby

So, of course I had loved The Great Gatsby when I read it. Before I went to see the movie I knew one of my best friend (whose taste in general I admire) loved it. And also, it has Decaprio, who can do a good job.
So we go and find some terrible music but quite a good movie. Good screenplay, dialogues chosen out of the book, not too many twists to the original story and as silent in it's message as the book. I think this was the winning stroke for the movie- it did not dictate any opinion, just like the book. Some people might just go and come back with the idea that it was a tragic story of a rich guy.
And they can live with that, while I will continue to admire Gatsby and Decaprio, even more now.

The Lone Ranger

This was the last movie we saw together in Delhi, for awhile at least.I quite liked it- I haven't seen many 'westerns' so I didn't quite have a reference frame. And what a relief that is at times. 
The 'fantastic scenes' are fantastic. Depp is very good and brings a lot of sensitivity to the movie apart from his usual charm for which he earns the big bucks. What would Hollywood do without Depp, sometimes I really wonder.