Sunday, November 2, 2014


Seen back to back with Gone Girl in Hyderabad- IMAX. If it weren't for Brad Pitt playing the biggest war-daddy ever- it would have been a better movie. But wait- that's all that happens in the movie! Nothing else- the historical backdrop is scarce, the dialogues are nothing to write home about, the story doesn't exist, the characters wafer thin. If it was about a soldier's inner traumas, camaraderie between soldiers - well, I am sure much better movies exist.
I mean- what would the world had missed had Fury not been made?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Great Beauty

Seen solo- at home. What I will remember about this movie- Jep, his creased face, his hair worn swept back, his cool demeanor as he realises he has no time in life for things he doesnt want to do anymore, as he strips bare artists and indulges, but never writes. That beautiful rooftop and Jep's relationship with his housekeeper. There are crazy images, beautiful, shocking, serene- it is a visual parade. The illusion of the giraffe disappearing and then his friend leaving Rome.
I don't want to answer what was the Great beauty he was seeking and never found. Let me find mine, 

I also want to remember how Jep decided he has no time in life for things he doesn't want to do anymore- like see pictures of a woman he just slept with. There is no more time, Knowing it has taken enough time already.