Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Merry War

Image from wikipedia.

I was out to download the movie version of 1984 and found the movie adaptation of ' Keep the Apisdistra flying' instead. I haven't read the book. And I only just finished reading 'Down and Out in Paris and London'- so I am not reading it for awhile either. 
It has Helena Bonham Carter looking so young and so different. The story is adapted from the book I understand. I can't help but feel that the book was more squalid and sad than the movie, especially the end- I would consider Comstock's return to 'middle class life' as a defeat- it is very cheery in the movie though.
Not the best movie. Nope. Not the best Orwell's writing either.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life of Pi

What I remember about the movie now-in retrospect- is the lovely Tamil lullaby at the beginning. The mangrove island with the meerkats- the book was illustrative, but seeing it in the movie was a different dimension...
The bad parts- Why Tabu wasn't acting at all? Why the movie makers thought that the bit about Pi turning blind and meeting another boat, such an important part of the bit wasn't 'movie worthy'? Also why wasn't Richard Parker as handsome an animal as say, Aslan? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My sweet orange tree

I saw this movie in the Lido cinema in Bangkok- alone. And there weren't more than 15 people in the movie hall. It is a beautiful emotional movie,a bit too saccharine at times though. The visuals are excellent. The actors especially the kids are excellent. Zeze's sister and Zeze are the real stars of course. The portrayal of the child's suffering after Portuga dies is really heart-rendering. I chose this still from the movie as a picture for this post- this was my favorite part for the movie- Zeze taking Portuga to his 'zoo'- also I loved their airplane.
My sweet orange tree made me feel like how I felt after reading Boyhood by Coetzee- that unless I recreate it- I don't think I lived it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Great Gatsby

So, of course I had loved The Great Gatsby when I read it. Before I went to see the movie I knew one of my best friend (whose taste in general I admire) loved it. And also, it has Decaprio, who can do a good job.
So we go and find some terrible music but quite a good movie. Good screenplay, dialogues chosen out of the book, not too many twists to the original story and as silent in it's message as the book. I think this was the winning stroke for the movie- it did not dictate any opinion, just like the book. Some people might just go and come back with the idea that it was a tragic story of a rich guy.
And they can live with that, while I will continue to admire Gatsby and Decaprio, even more now.

The Lone Ranger

This was the last movie we saw together in Delhi, for awhile at least.I quite liked it- I haven't seen many 'westerns' so I didn't quite have a reference frame. And what a relief that is at times. 
The 'fantastic scenes' are fantastic. Depp is very good and brings a lot of sensitivity to the movie apart from his usual charm for which he earns the big bucks. What would Hollywood do without Depp, sometimes I really wonder.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chungking Express

I recently saw this movie again on a Sunday afternoon. And what a beautiful afternoon it became. Wong Kar Wai has done a brilliant job here. Meshing two stories about policemen waiting for their women and new things happening. What I like about the first movie- the fact that she always wears a raincoat and sunglasses- and her blonde hair. And the lovely pineapple can tale. The second story- everything- Faye Wong is the most beautiful woman possible and Tony Leung looks so good for the part too. I love cop 663's conversations with his towels, his soap. Faye playing around in his flat. What can you not love about this movie.
And the music- Cranberrry's Cantonese Dreams and California Dreamin' and the opening music.
And the juxtaposing of Chungking Mansion and Midnight Express.
Definitely, amongst my most favorite movies of all times.