Monday, April 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

There is absolutely no excuse for that ridiculous song in the end of the movie. It just kills whatever flavor of the movie you want take back. Julia Roberts is good, but we have seen her do much better. At times she is almost unconvincing, perhaps because she wasn't convinced herself. There is a scene in which the bare-torso Prince is standing in front of her and she is stuttering because she is distracted- I think it was very badly enacted.I had heard a lot bout the costumes in the movie, they were good, but well again, there can be much better garments.What I really liked in the movie were the dwarfs. Infact one of the dwarf is the same guy from the movie- In Bruges, a movie I recently reviewed here. Their characters were well done. It wasn't the best movie. It wasn't very good either. I sawit because it was a fairy tale rendition and I just have to see these movies.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Secret in their Eyes

Somebody on the internet asked me to see this movie and I did. I have not seen many Argentine movies, so it held that element of novelty to it for me. There is this scene when Irene is introduced as an Ivy League Lawyer and  is told by a cynical and corrupt colleague: "they don't teach the new Argentina at Harvard." I think the plot is great. The ending left me very pleased with the movie. The incarceration of isidoro Gomez and his 'nothingness' as Morales idea of justice is very interesting. And like I read in another review- pathos is selling the movie, really. Morales is a character you can't help but sympathise with.
What I didn't like was the love story between Irene and Esposito. I just didn't buy it I think. I thik there was any reason for him to flee without her, the movie tries to build a political context around it, but I don't think I was too convinced.

In Bruges

This was a very good movie. The sights of Bruges from the hotel room that the assassins share to the streets and the waterways look terrific. I loved the idea that Ken thought it was worthwhile to visit the city as they waited for their bosses orders and so you see the city from the eyes of the tourists- the indulgent- Ken and the distracted- Ray. The storyline really has a spine and coupled with the scenery, it can take your breath away. The ‘filming inside a film’ bit is done terrifically. The dwarf is an excellent little character (no pun intended, his character is very short in the movie). There are hints of existentialism in the characters and Brendan Gleeson does a terrific job as does Colin Farrell of course.

Hey and I now find out that the movie is supposed to be a dark ‘comedy’, hardly! I didn’t find any humour in it, but I did really like the movie.