Monday, April 9, 2012

In Bruges

This was a very good movie. The sights of Bruges from the hotel room that the assassins share to the streets and the waterways look terrific. I loved the idea that Ken thought it was worthwhile to visit the city as they waited for their bosses orders and so you see the city from the eyes of the tourists- the indulgent- Ken and the distracted- Ray. The storyline really has a spine and coupled with the scenery, it can take your breath away. The ‘filming inside a film’ bit is done terrifically. The dwarf is an excellent little character (no pun intended, his character is very short in the movie). There are hints of existentialism in the characters and Brendan Gleeson does a terrific job as does Colin Farrell of course.

Hey and I now find out that the movie is supposed to be a dark ‘comedy’, hardly! I didn’t find any humour in it, but I did really like the movie.

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