Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chungking Express

I recently saw this movie again on a Sunday afternoon. And what a beautiful afternoon it became. Wong Kar Wai has done a brilliant job here. Meshing two stories about policemen waiting for their women and new things happening. What I like about the first movie- the fact that she always wears a raincoat and sunglasses- and her blonde hair. And the lovely pineapple can tale. The second story- everything- Faye Wong is the most beautiful woman possible and Tony Leung looks so good for the part too. I love cop 663's conversations with his towels, his soap. Faye playing around in his flat. What can you not love about this movie.
And the music- Cranberrry's Cantonese Dreams and California Dreamin' and the opening music.
And the juxtaposing of Chungking Mansion and Midnight Express.
Definitely, amongst my most favorite movies of all times.

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