Sunday, December 16, 2012

Up in the Air

There are two angles to this movie; One, the corporate high-flyer lifestyle: “To know me is to fly with me,” Ryan Bingham, George Clooney's character says in the film, like an airborne Descartes. The excellent routine of packing into a non-routined life. The apparent fringe of gathering points for everything you do- and to label it as 'loyalty'.The empty apartment 'home' and the occasional neighbor fuck. For Ryan, the relationship with Alex is a reality because the flights and the hotels and the hotel lounges is his reality, while for Alex he is a 'parenthesis' , a state between her realities.

The other angle is the social impact of the American financial crisis. The 'pink slip' days. And how some people can always benefit in the other's crisis. The way people faced the reality of their mortgaged lives with no job.

I saw the movie again yesterday, months after the first time and decided that I was right, this is a very good movie. To add to it's excellently framed elements is the timing when it was released. It does its social duty- it speaks for its time.

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