Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

 I have been so excited about watching this movie ever since I was introduced to it in a trailer! This is easily amongst the best animation movies I saw this year. The characters are wonderful, the Dracula is fatherly, an excellent host, caring, loving and scary as the need arises. Frankenstein, who innocently believes that Jonathan the human, is his far removed cousin is my favorite character apart from Dracula and Mavis of course. Chef Quasimodo and Fly are great too. Jonathan and his ' modern 21st century music' is all said and done, very adorable. And Mavis is just utterly gorgeous! The knights, the housekeeping staff,, the old musicians, it was all packed very well!
I should watch the movie again to soak in every detail in every frame, every unnamed character. 
Great Work Adam Sandler!

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