Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shutter Island

I saw Shutter Island before Inception. And I almost hated Inception.I think I like the movie better now,in recollection that when I walked out of the hall and it also has to do with how I just didn't like Inception.

"You act like insanity is catching", and this almost makes the rest of the movie predictable. Leonardo is very good but there is a point beyond which I want to see another expression on his face apart from the "stern-worrying brow" look. What I really liked were his visions of his wife and the surreal drama in those scenes with things floating in the air around him- papers, snow, and ashes. I also thought that the scenes from the camps were very chilling. 

The scenery is great and I was left with a damp feel after the movie.


  1. i want to watch it too. i hope it's not too scary though.

  2. hahaha! maybe i'm commenting too much on your posts. I was just asked for word verification.

  3. I think I'm always asked for word verification