Friday, September 30, 2011

The Devil's Double

The devil’s double. The body Double of Saddam’s son Uday and Uday are played by Dominic Cooper who I had never heard about prior to the movie. I liked the movie. Cooper is handsome and he draws attention. His depiction of Uday was in my opinion better than his depiction of Latif but this isn’t entirely his fault. The problem with the movie is the sugar coating of Latif, which might be true in contrast with Uday but it was a little sickening. Latif is really quite boring, there is no real reflection of his inner turmoil, however, there are certain hints of him starting to acquire a taste for the material perks that come with his job, which give his character some little elements of credibility.While on the other hand Uday is well put, his drug snorting, meandering gait, roving eye and daddy fearing character seems much more real!

The movie doesn’t say much politically, it doesn’t say- Iraq is fucked up, so come dear Americans, neither is it anti-American. In fact it doesn’t say anything about Americans. I liked the movie; Dominic Cooper is going to make it big!

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